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    tree removal

    Safe and reliable tree removal services. Large or fallen trees, as well as diseased or damaged trees, call us for tree removal services.

    tree trimming

    Trimming for trees that are overgrown or causing problems. Call us for a free quote for tree and branch trimming services today.

    stump grinding service Sharon MA

    Tree stump removal and grinding services to grind down unsightly or unwanted stumps off your property. Great service, great prices.


    Tree Service Sharon MA

    Our team is knowledgeable in all things related to trees and caring for them. With our lengthy experience and top-of-the-line equipment we can guarantee that your trees will get all the attention they need to transform your property into the tidy haven you want it to be. All jobs are executed with the utmost caution, keeping in mind the safety of our workers and clients at all times.

    Local Tree Cutting Services in Sharon

    We are blessed to have a lot of luscious greenery here in Massachusetts, with many beautiful types of trees such as the eastern white pine, red maple, northern red oak and eastern hemlock decorating the landscape.

    But all these trees don’t look as good as they do all on their own. Trees need to be cared for in order to look beautiful and flourish. From trimming and pruning to the cutting and removal of dead and diseased trees, there’s a lot that goes into keeping up the health and appearance of your trees.

    tree removal Sharon

    At Sharon Tree Pros we carry out all necessary tree maintenance, as well as taking care of your bushes, hedges and tree stumps.

    Among our available services, we provide:

    • Single tree removal (of both big and small trees)
    • Multiple tree removal
    • Tree trimming and pruning
    • Stump grinding and stump removal
    • Bush trimming and hedge trimming
    • Emergency tree service
    •  Tree Evaluation (free service)

    There will also be times when you’ll need trees removed, whether it be due to pest infestation or inconvenience.

    So whether you need your tree removed or you need a little trimming of your bushes and hedges or even if you just need to get your trees and bushes inspected for damage or disease, give us a call at Sharon Tree services to get those trees and bushes of yours serviced and taken good care of!

    When to Call for Tree Removal Service

    For some people, the decision to remove a tree might not be an easy one. Someone might be attached to their tree, or they might just not know when a tree needs to be removed. There are a few reasons why you might want or at times even need a tree to be removed.

    If up to 50% or more of a tree is damaged, this is usually a good indicator that the tree needs to be removed as it may be a hazard to those around it due to falling branches and an unstable base.

    Hollow trees are a good example of trees that have undergone substantial damage and should be removed.

    Cracks, dead branches and other visible signs of damage to the trunk of a tree are also indicators that your tree might need removal.

    If a tree has dead branches, these are at risk of falling and harming those passing by. If a tree has had more than ¼ of its branches die, then that means there’s something structurally at fault and it’s time for the tree to go.

    Depending on what the species of tree is, it might show signs of weakness and dying that other types of tree won’t. For this it’s important to get hold of an experienced arborist to check your trees and give you a summary of what’s going on with them.

    If the tree is damaged in its root system or leaning to the side, then it’s very likely the tree is compromised and you’ll want to get it removed.

    A tree growing near power lines can also present danger. Trees growing under power lines shouldn’t be taller than 25 feet, and if they are, they definitely need to be trimmed or removed.

    Finally, it’s important to take in the surroundings of the tree and see whether there is enough adequate space for the tree to grow properly.



    I appreciate you taking the time to come out and give us a free estimate, your prices were the best and that's why we chose your team to remove the large pine on our property. Job well done!

    ​~ Kevin N. Sharon

    Good tree trimming service, they cut back a few very large branches that were hanging over my roof and causing moss to grow. Well priced and nice mannered young men. Will definitely use again.

    ~ Julie R. Sharon

    Thanks for doing a great job removing 2 trees on our property. We were very nervous about having them cut down due to their size, but you guys did a great job taking them down piece by piece. 

    ​~ Hannah S. Stoughton

    Why Tree Care Is Important

    Investing in your trees is always a good idea for a large number of reasons. Maintaining the health and appearance of your trees is an important part of sustaining the health of our ecosystem.

    Trees supply us with two essential components for life; food and oxygen. They’re an important part of each community, and our streets, parks, backyards and playgrounds just wouldn’t be the same without trees to add that peaceful, aesthetically pleasing aspect. Trees bring natural elements and wildlife habitats to urban settings and increase our quality of life.

    Trees also provide us with shade, deflecting the sun and reducing the heat island effect caused by concrete, pavement and commercial buildings.

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    To keep our trees growing strong and healthy, they need care in the form of trimming, pruning, spraying, fertilizing, and soil management.

    An overgrown, scruffy-looking tree with unwieldy branches will detract from the image of your property. Keeping the growth of your tree under control will help you not only aesthetically, but organizationally as well.

    Pruning is even more urgent for those with fruit trees! Keeping your fruit trees pruned is vital to encouraging better fruit growth.

    By keeping your trees properly trimmed you can also ensure that more sunlight can enter your yard, brightening up the atmosphere of your home.

    Keeping your trees trimmed and pruned is also a large part of safety. If a big branch breaks and falls it could hurt someone or damage the surrounding property. Repairing damage from fallen branches and trees will likely prove a lot more expensive than getting your trees trimmed from time to time.

    Trimming and pruning your trees will keep them healthy and strong, encouraging them to grow and mature properly. Letting dead and diseased branches fester on your trees will very likely result in an unhealthy tree. With the right amount of trimming and pruning you can keep your tree from having to be removed altogether by avoiding sickness and disease in your trees.

    Contact Your Local Tree Company in Sharon

    So if you’re looking for a company of tree service professionals in Sharon, MA, then look no further!

    Our arborists are ready for any type of job you may have, big or small, easy or complex. Equipped with the best equipment and trained for countless scenarios, our team is the one for the job. Our track record is full of satisfied customers whose trees got the attention they needed.

    Our goal, as we go about removing dead trees and trimming the healthy ones, is to improve the look of our town and the surrounding area. We want to make our little part of New England look well-kept and green, full of healthy and safe trees, bushes, and hedges.

    In the case of emergencies, our response time is unrivalled, and we’re ready to be on the spot and get to work clearing the scene of any hazardous trees and branches in order to keep homeowners and their property free of any danger or damage.

    So get in contact with us today and get us to come on down to your property to give your trees an inspection and an estimate completely free of charge!

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